Cleaning-Up for 2021

With a tough year coming to a close, the Canopy team has been changing a few things around the office so that we can provide our clients with a better experience. Simplifying the back office processes allows us to focus on our client’s daily needs; like the calls to the office for copies of policies, questions on coverage, and changes that need to be made for a new car purchase or home closing. Essentially, we’re streamlining our office so when we are able to fully open, we are more convenient and provide faster, more accurate service.

Clean 2


This translates into home life as well! Identifying the “time-suck” processes in your household and streamlining them a little can add up at the end of the day or week. For instance, some find meal-planning helpful for both financial reasons and time availability throughout the week. Another example is developing new habits to prevent a back-up of work: doing dishes as you use them, pre-separating laundry into bins, and working out earlier in the day versus at night to spend time with family or relax.


These are all little, nearly free, things you can do to tidy up your time in order to spend it where you need it most. Whether your “clients” are little ones, friends, or professional acquaintances… a little cleaning-up can go a long way!

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.”  – Stephen R. Covey